5 Creative Ways to Increase the Size of your Bank Account

We would probably all like to wake up one morning and discover that there is more money is our savings account than we could ever hope to spend, but that simply is not reality for most of us (https://www.finanseiendom.no/). Over time, however, a savings account can grow to quite a substantial figure that most can be happy with, but this does take some dedication and time. Many people, however, do not treat their savings account with the respect that it deserves, which is why it seems to dwindle more quickly than it ever grows. If you would like to increase the size of your bank account in the foreseeable future, consider the following five ways to do so.

  1. Use Coupons – Many people seem to believe that coupons have died a slow death with the dawn of the computer age, but this is simply not true (https://www.finanseiendom.no/hva-skjer-nar-boligen-din-blir-tvangssolgt/). Coupons are alive and well, and they can save you money. Many coupons are now digital, meaning you can download them onto a store loyalty card, or print them out on your computer. Consider developing a habit of using coupons to purchase your normal everyday goods and services. Take the money that you save from the coupons, and then put an equal amount into your savings account. This serves the added purpose of saving you money at the store, while enabling you to put more money at the bank.
  2. Create Multiple Savings Account – If you have trouble saving money for big projects, consider setting several smaller goals and opening multiple accounts to keep track of each. This will give you more motivation to keep going, and at the end of if all, you will notice a larger overall nest egg as a result.

3. Develop a Cash Only Budget – There is something psychological about spending cash that makes people think twice before making a purchase. When using a card, even a debit card, we will tend to spend more than we can afford because it does not seem like money to us. Spending cash, however, requires us to physically watch money leave our pockets, and that gives pause to many people.

4. Trim Unnecessary Expenses – If you are serious about watching your bank account grow, begin by working hard to trim some expenses. Do you really need that coffee stop every morning before work? Do you even watch the extra channels on premium cable? If not, downgrade the package and pocket the savings. Keep doing this with various expenses, and you will begin to notice that you are able to keep more money in the bank.

5. Sell Things You Don’t Need – Over time, stuff just seems to accumulate (https://www.finanseiendom.no/refinansiering/). Remember that things you no longer want or need, just might be exactly what somebody else has been looking for. Sell some of that stuff online, or have a traditional garage sale. Take the money made and put it in the bank.

There are certainly more ways to find some additional money to put in the bank, but these 5 ideas can certainly get you headed in the right direction.