3 Reasons to Become Your Own Boss Today

Long before the Internet age was upon us, millions of Americans had already discovered the joys of being their own boss. While this lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, there are certainly reasons that you might want to consider becoming your own boss today. Let us cover three of the most commonly cited reasons now.

  1. Benefits come tax time. Let’s face it – taxes are a frustrating part of life. When you work for someone else, however, you are not able to take advantage of the many tax breaks that are afforded to individuals who have begun to work for themselves. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other types of self-employed individuals are afforded a host of tax benefits, from writing off home office expenses, to expenditures incurred for travel and food. The list is actually too long to cover in this short article, but rest assured that one of the reasons you should consider becoming your own boss today is so that you can begin to enjoy many of these same tax benefits.
  2. Aim For Job Security. While you certainly do have to go out solicit clients and ensure that you do a job good, self-employed individuals enjoy incredible job security. It is simply quite difficult to fire yourself! When you work for someone else, no matter how stable the job might appear to be, there is always the possibility that you could be laid off, or even terminated altogether.
  3. Collaboration and Networking. Working in a corporate environment from 8-5 might give you a steady paycheck, but that lifestyle also limits your ability to interact with other likeminded individuals. If you are your own boss, however, you are able to network with others in your industry, get out and collaborate with various business owners, and attend functions that appeal to you on your own time. You are in control of your own schedule, and this is incredibly freeing to many individuals, and is yet another reason that you should become your own boss today.

There you have it. These are three reasons to consider becoming your own boss today. So, what is holding you back from making this decision that could so positively impact your future?